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Re: Stubborn USB card reader

Andre Majorel wrote:
> I'm having trouble reading Compact flash and SD cards on the
> same card reader. I'm not absolutely certain but it *seems* that
> once a medium of either type has been inserted, it will ignore
> the other type.
> Wherever the state is kept, it's not in the module. modprobe -r
> usb-storage; modprobe usb-storage gives a kernel message about
> "compact flash" even though the only medium in the reader is an
> SD card.
> Is there a secret /{proc|sys} spell to make it work ?

Before inserting the media look at the kernel partition table to see
what is already present.

  $ cat /proc/partitions

While inserting your media watch the syslog.

  $ tail -f /var/log/syslog

Look to see what it says about the device when it is inserted.  After
the device is installed and settled look at the kernel partition table
again to see if the kernel has recognized the partition table.

  $ cat /proc/partitions

I think it likely that different media with different partition tables
are presenting different partitions and confusing things.  Such as
/dev/sda versus /dev/sda1 versus /dev/sda5 or other such differences.


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