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Re: DPKG search by architecture

Jordon Bedwell wrote:
> On 8/1/2010 1:23 PM, Joey Hess wrote:
> >Jordon Bedwell wrote:
> >>On 8/1/2010 10:19 AM, Camaleón wrote:
> >>>dpkg-query -W -f='${Package}\t${Architecture}\n'
> >>
> >>You are awesome man, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks :D
> >
> >Except the architecture will be "amd64" or "all" for every package,
> >since as the other "childish" poster told you, Debian is not a
> >dual-architecture system.
> >
> Worthless and moot statement. Also, another fine example of how
> ambiguous people can be when reading simple English.

.. And the above, kids, is a fine example of how to ensure that your
future questions are ignored!

see shy jo

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