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Re: External USB HDD : files disappeared

Le 27/07/2010 12:22, Jordon Bedwell a écrit :

On 7/27/10 4:40 AM, rudu wrote:
Any reference on that? I remember reading about some errors that Windows
was not able to repair, but the equivalent Linux tools did.

What you hear and what's true are two different things. It's Microsoft's
technology, they would be better with it than anybody else. Regardless
of what anybody says. That's like claiming OSX is better at working with
EXT4 than Linux.

I can't trust build in windows utilities as I'm sure they would delete
every incoherent data.

Entirely illogical thinking. The files are already unavailable, and if
those sectors are dead (which could be possible as this does sound like
a typical dying drive) well, you can figure out that logic. Windows
ckdisk does not "delete" files, you are assuming that Windows is a bad
guy, this is typical. Did you hear? The aliens are here and they brought
their pew pew lazer guns. If you are that scared, uncheck the automatic
repair and only checking.

Sorry for being mean but it had to be done. And, no, I'm no windows
fan-boy, I work from Debian mostly and main OS X but I also run enough
Windows servers to know that Windows is not what everybody says it is.

Ok Jordon, understood.
I unchecked the automatic repair of the graphic checking utility, but I only got an Ok dialog telling me that the checking was finished.
So I opened a command line window and hit:
chkdsk E:
Every empty directory was reported as an invalid link and at the end : (sorry, it's french)

Vérification des fichiers et des dossiers terminée.
Convertir les liens perdus en fichiers (O/N) ? N
172758304 Ko d'espace disque seront libérés.  // disk space to be freed
Windows a détecté des problèmes sur le système de fichiers.
Exécutez CHKDSK avec l'option /F pour les corriger.
  488 264 736 Ko d'espace disque au total.  // Total
          256 Ko dans 8 fichiers cachés.    // hiden files
       31 232 Ko dans 969 dossiers.         // directories
   32 648 320 Ko dans 15 035 fichiers.      // files
  282 826 592 Ko sont disponibles.          // free

       32 768 octets dans chaque unité d'allocation.
   15 258 273 unités d'allocation au total sur le disque.
    8 838 331 unités d'allocation disponibles sur le disque.

Well if I let it free the disk space, I suppose that I definitively loose the names of the directories and the files still visible ?
I'm still trying to find an alternative, if it exists ...


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