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Iceape Lockups

Four or five days ago Iceape began locking up when loading certain
files.  For example, when loading the weather report the forecast would
appear and then the display would lock up before completing the loading
of the doppler radar map.  The same thing happens when loading pages
from other web sites.  

Epiphany does not have this problem.

When locked up the mouse moves the cursor but there is no response to
mouse clicks and the Alt-SysRg commands do not work.  The only escape is
the shift to a terminal console, use pidof to get the pid of iceape-bin,
kill iceape-bin and restart gdm.  It is necessary to restart gdm as
otherwise when iceape is reloaded it will restore the locked up screen.

I filed a bug report two days ago but have had no response.  Have others
encountered this problem or has something damaged my Squeeze system?


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