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Re: Using Arial Narrow in OpenOffice.org

On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:15:57 +1000, David Purton wrote:

> Is it presently possible to use the "Arial Narrow" font in Open Office
> under sid?
> It appears to be installed ok (along with Arial):
> $ fc-list :family=Arial


Mmm... I get:

sm01@stt008:~$ fc-list :family="Arial Narrow"
Arial Narrow:style=Negrita Cursiva,Negreta cursiva,tučné kurzíva,fed kursiv,Fett Kursiv,Έντονα Πλάγια,Bold Italic,Lihavoitu Kursivoi,Gras Italique,Félkövér dőlt,Grassetto Corsivo,Vet Cursief,Halvfet Kursiv,Pogrubiona kursywa,Negrito Itálico,Полужирный Курсив,Krepko poševno,Fet Kursiv,Kalın İtalik,Lodi etzana
Arial Narrow:style=Cursiva,kurzíva,kursiv,Πλάγια,Italic,Kursivoitu,Italique,Dőlt,Corsivo,Cursief,Kursywa,Itálico,Курсив,Poševno,İtalik,Etzana
Arial Narrow:style=Negrita,Negreta,tučné,fed,Fett,Έντονα,Bold,Lihavoitu,Gras,Félkövér,Grassetto,Vet,Halvfet,Pogrubiony,Negrito,Полужирный,Krepko,Fet,Kalın,Lodia
Arial Narrow:style=Normal,obyčejné,Standard,Κανονικά,Regular,Normaali,Normál,Normale,Standaard,Normalny,Обычный,Navadno,Arrunta

In my case, I've got the TrueType font for "Arial Narrow" installed, 
which displays fine within any application.



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