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dosfslabel finds problem, e2fsck does not

My system, Squeeze, cannot install the latest kernel image because
dosfslabel finds a problem that prevents the installation of linux-base.

Trying to resolve this I used e2fsck to check each of the disk
partitions and e2fsck reported all the partitions clean.  However, the
result of running dosfslabel /dev/hda1 results in the following output:

There are differences between boot sector and its backup.
Differences: (offset:original/backup)
  0:eb/01, 1:58/00, 2:90/04, 4:53/02, 5:57/00, 6:49/04, 7:4e/00, 8:34/0c
  , 9:2e/00, 10:31/04, 12:02/ff, 13:08/1d, 14:20/f8, 15:00/0f, 16:02/00
  , 493:00/1d, 494:00/f8, 495:00/0f
  Not automatically fixing this.

This hard drive used to have windoze installed and could be booted.  The
windoze partition was reformated to be an ext2 partition.

Could it be that there is still a windoze mbr before the /dev/hda1
partition and fsdoslabel sees this but e2fsck does not?

If so, what can I do about it?


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