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Re: Grub, MBR's on several hard drives?

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 15:27:45 -0400, Thomas H. George wrote:

> I recall reading that if the system has multiple hard drives it is a
> good idea mbr's on each of the hard drives all pointing to the same root
> directory located on one of the hard drives.
> Is this correct?
> If this is correct how is this best done with grub?

I'm not sure to fully understand your question.

Although you have multiple hard drives and many OSs on them, only one of 
the disks will be marked in BIOS as the first boot device to boot from.

So, ideally, GRUB (installed in the first bootable hard disk's MBR -or 
installed in the first sector of an active partition-) should handle/care 
the booting of the remaining OSs (by direct booting or chain-loading).

I, personally, prefer having generic bootstrap code in MBR and GRUB 
installed on its own system/root partition.



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