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Re: Problem Replacing LVM on RAID1 Disk

Matthew Glubb put forth on 7/17/2010 3:11 AM:

> Normally in the past when a disk has failed, I have dropped the offending disk from the array, replaced the disk, booted, rebuilt the filesystem on the new disk and re-synced the array. I've done this about four times with this method.

Once you fix your immediate problem you really need to address the larger
issue, which is:

Why are you suffering so many disk failures, apparently on a single host?

The probability of one OP/host suffering 4 disk failures, even over a long
period such as 10 years, is astronomically low.  If you manage a server farm
of a few dozen or more hosts and had one disk failure on each of four of them,
the odds are bit higher.  However in your case we're not talking about a farm
situation are we?

Are these disks really failing, or are you seeing the software RAID driver
flag disks that aren't really going bad?  What make/model disk drives are
these that are apparently failing?  Do you have sufficient airflow in the case
to cool the drives?  Is the host in an environment with a constant ambient
temperature over 80 degrees Fahrenheit?


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