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Re: reboot problems


So far no response to the problem below. Is there not enough information to make an educated guess to the cause or is realy to complex to make any guess?
Show I report it as a debian bug?
What else can I do to solve this problem. I am limited in my testing time as this machine is responsible for a lot of traffic and has a big impact when it is down.


Machine is a HP Proliant DL 140 with 2 SCSI disks. Raid 1 is done via md.
Several partitions made for / (md1), /boot (md0), /var (md3) and /usr (md2). Machine is used as

About 2 years ago I installed Debian etch on it. For a long time I did not update the kernel because
I had problems with the default NIC driver and every apt update/upgrade cycle would remove the extra
Intel driver. I did apply all other patches.
A few months after Lenny came out I started upgrading the kernel to the latest etch version and
noticed the default NIC drivers supported my hardware. A few months after that I upgraded to Lenny
and the machine is now running the latest Lenny release.

I may have been with the etch kernel upgrade or it may have been one of the next upgrades but...
after that the machine will not reboot. It will hang just after stopping the md devices.
The last lines on the screen are (from paper as I cannot copy from a stopped machine):
md: Stopping all md devices
md: md1 still in use
   will now restart (might be a few more lines up)
sd: 1:0:0:0 [sdb] stopping disk
sd: 0:0:0:0 [sda] stopping disk
ACPI:PCI interupt for device 0000:06:00.1 disabled
ACPI:PCI interupt for device 0000:06:00.0 disabled

And that's it. After that the machine will hang and I need to hold the power butten for a few
seconds to shut it off and then power it back on.

Maybe I did not look properly on the net but I have not been able to find if this is a problem for
just me or if there are others with this specific problem. Lot's of general reboot problems but is
this one known?
Does anyone know where I can find more information about troubleshooting this problem. The fact that
I cannot reboot this machine remote or scheduled during the night is becoming quite a problem.

Bonno Bloksma

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