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Re: basic installation question x 2

Jim Pazarena:
> (a) is it possible to avoid/cancel the initial request for a user name
>    (other than root)?
>    My goal is to have an install routine which _after_ the base install
>    creates all the users I need, possibly in non-default locations.

Debian-installer has the concept "pre-seeding". I am sure that lets you
create user during install.

> (b) is there any benefit to loading all the DVD's? Compared to DVD1
>     and then grabbing software via the 'net?

No. Actually, you don't even need a full DVD. You can get away with a
netinst image (<200MB) or even a business card image (<50MB).

>     The part I don't like about all DVDs is that once you do that, the
>     apt-get tells you to "insert disk X", which is a nuisance.

At least after installation, you can just remove the DVD lines from
/etc/apt/sources.list and you will never be asked to insert any disks

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