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Re: wireless connected was: Re: corrupted firmware-linux-nonfree 0.26

On Mi, 07 iul 10, 16:08:19, Paul Scott wrote:
> >
> >I would kill NetworkManager and test whether your card can associate
> >with the AP if you set it up directly in /etc/network/interfaces. (Check
> >the output of"iwconfig eth2").
> Stopping network-manager got me an instant association with
> dhclient.  I didn't need to change /etc/network/interfaces.
Do you mean you also had it configured in /etc/network/interfaces? That 
would explain the problem...

> >Also, try if "iwlist scan eth2" (as root) does list your AP correctly.
> It does.  (Actually iwlist eth2 scan).  Now to figure out why WPA
> doesn't always work.
> I will also try reinstalling wicd instead of network-manager.

Whichever you end up using, don't forget to comment-out any relevant 
entry in /etc/network/interfaces otherwise neither of the two will work.

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