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Re: USB peripherals are plugged in across time: how are /dev/ttyUSBx assignations done?

On Sunday 04 July 2010 13:06:51 Merciadri Luca wrote:
> Hi,
> Let's say that you progressively plug in USB peripherals in(to) USB
> ports of one computer running Debian. How are the /dev/ttyUSB0,
> /dev/ttyUSB1, etc., assignations achieved? Is /dev/ttyUSB0 the first
> plugged device, or is it one in a specific port? Thanks.

Managed to send my reply to Merciadri alone, again.  Sorry, Merciadri.  I have 
to change the habit of years and press "l" (ell) instead of clicking 
reply.  :-(

My reply was:

Why not just suck it and see? 


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