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Re: suspend to disk unreliable?

On Sat, Jul 03, 2010 at 04:00:57PM +0000, Camaleón wrote:
> On Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:11:03 +0200, lee wrote:
> > Insofar such testing involves eventually losing data, doing such testing
> > isn't really an option.
> Then you can setup a chrooted environment and make the tests in there. Or 
> you can try with a LiveCD to avoid data loss. Nowadays you have many 
> choices to test hibernation in a safe environment.

There's nothing save about turning off and on the hardware many times
consecutively. I could disconnect the disks to minimize the risks, but
then it won't be possible to test suspend to disk.

> If developers are not aware of your situation, they cannot correct the 
> bugs

Still filing bug reports doesn't seem to achieve anything these days.

> > No, you're doing that. It's just hardware, and if it doesn't work, I
> > return it. It's that simple.
> No, it's not "just" hardware.

sure it is

> Want kind of guarantee are you expecting from the manufacturer?

Just what they usually do: When you find out that a piece of hardware
doesn't work, you take it back to the store and either change it out
or have your money refunded. It's really that simple, I've done it

> > No manufacturer or dealer is going to give you a certificate that the
> > car in question will perform as desired under your particular
> > driving/using conditions. 
> Sure they do!

They don't --- or can you show me the certificate you got for your
car and a number of others other ppl got?

> > And who would buy a car that comes with a
> > certificate that only the ppl named in the certificate are allowed to
> > use it and that otherwise the car might break down and any warranty is
> > forfeited?
> Anyone here will :-)

And they lose their warranty when they take it to a shop for an
inspection as required by the warranty because one of the mechanics
who's not named on the certificate drives it into the shop. Yeah, sure ...

> >> >> What "required tools" are you referring to?
> >> > 
> >> > the tools needed for graphics cards
> >> 
> >> There no such tools. What you usually have to do when the graphics card
> >> driver (or any other driver) has problems to resume from hibernating is
> >> creating a hook to load/unload the required driver, that should be all.
> > 
> > The documentation says that there are. Perhaps what you're describing is
> > what these tools do ...
> If the docs say that "there are", it will also say "where to get" them 
> >:-)

Yet you say there are no such tools.

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