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Re: How 'stable' is squeeze?

To me squeeze is very stable. I have since moved to sid and surprisingly, it seems just as stable (to me that is)
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From: Hanspeter Spalinger <debian@spahan.ch>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 02:27:46 
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Subject: Re: How 'stable' is squeeze?

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Am 24.06.10 00:26, schrieb Amar Cosic:
> Hello list
> I was thinking about upgrade to squeeze and just want to check if everything
> is OK there? No 'critical' bugs etc.. ? I know a lot of you use squeeze so
> its probably best place to ask
> Regards
I use squeeze for my desktop workstation (web-things, IM, torrents,
multimedia-things, games) and my local server (web, files, tor, dns).
I had one arch-specific bug (which was fixed by check the bugtracker and
edit a config file) but beside that no problems (less those I made by
playing around).
This is for ppc64-arch, I expected more trouble (kudos to debian-team).

For non-critical systems I personaly consider squeeze 'ready for use'
(but I wont let my mailserver use it until its stable ;-p)
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