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Re: Showing recommended packages from cli

Le 23/06/2010 00:46, Greg Madden a écrit :

Thanks for the info. I am trying to migrate from dselect to aptitude.

To do a search in aptitude I use the '/' option. In dselect  the search
feature is the same '/', once you enter your search if you keep pressing
the '/' key you cycle through all the matches to the search string.

  In aptitude the '/'  key brings up the search dialog again and I have to
press three keys to continues the search,
  '/' to open search dialog,
'tab' key to select the 'OK' or ''Cancel' button,
then the 'enter' key to find , repeat.

I am wondering if I am missing a feature of aptitude, or if I just need to
learn the new way. ?

Try 'n' to cycle through the results of an aptitude search.


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