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Re: Backups - was: Re: LVM

On Tue, 15 Jun 2010 18:49:25 +0100, Lisi wrote:

> On Tuesday 15 June 2010 18:06:51 Camaleón wrote:

>> Why not practical? Just curious O:-)
> Because I shan't have hold of the computer for long enough or often
> enough!

But it's "her" backup and "her" data. She should care about how to do 
things like these, whatever place she is (home, university, work...).

>> The main drawback I see for "dd" or "clonezilla" is that they are very
>> "slowness". It takes much time (and space!) to make a full copy (or
>> image) of the disk and so not very practical because at last the user
>> stops doing the backup on a regular basis :-(
> The user isn't going to do the backup on a (frequent) regular basis
> anyway. What I am hoping is to be able to dd (or Clonezilla or
> something) the drive periodically and take a snapshot of the state of
> the machine at that point. That will catch all the slow moving/changing
> files and facilitate a simple restoration if needed.  

Oh, but image restoration is not "that" easy, there are many things to 
tweak, I mean, is not just clicking "restore" button and you're done :-)

And full images need huge space!

> With luck, her personal stuff will fit on a CD or two.  Or, since we 
> are anyway assuming that I shall be able to find the money, I may get 
> her a DVD RW.
>  That she might do reasonably often.

I would avoid DVD media as much as possible, at least I find it not 
suitable as "primary" backup (remember "RW" media has a limit of number 
of writings!). They are not very easy to manage (it requires a dedicated 
program to record the files), it's space-limited (compared to hard 
disks), they are not cheap (byte/€) and reading and writing operations 
are very, I mean, *very* slow :-)
> Another possibility that I haven't yet explored is to get a NAS or
> something and back all of our machines up to it.

The best bet I see here is an USB case and a separate hard disk (min. 500 
GiB, and as data space needings increases, the disk can be replaced very 
easily). There you can leave the full system images (clonezilla or "dd" 
based) as well as normal data backups that she can also copy into DVD at 
her convenience. 



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