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Re: Resuming from hibernation issue with sid-kernel

2010-06-09 01:34, Peter Beck skrev:
On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 11:17 +0200, Johan Grönqvist wrote:
To thaw, I have to select kernel 2.6.32-4 in grub, and then all works
well. If I select 2.6.32-5 in grub, I get the usual blank screen for a
few seconds while the saved state is read form disk, but then the
display stays blank after disk reading has stopped.

I am using squeeze with 2.6.32-3 and having similar issues on my
Thinkpad T42p. While hibernating there is a message "failed to thaw -
error -16". After resuming the screen stays black. I found out that
compiz was (is)my issue. I can ping my machine and connect via ssh.
If compiz is stopped while hibernating everything seems to be ok and
resume is working just fine. Maybe this is useful for you too ?

Thanks for the suggestion. I restarted gnome with metacity as my wm, and see the same symptoms.

I believe the error happens earlier in the process for me, because when the computer stops working at thawing, I can press ctrl-alt-F1, and get to a screen showing me what a normal boot does before switching to framebuffer mode, I thus believe that the problem occurs before any graphics system has managed to start, just before or at the "handover" between the kernels.

/ johan

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