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Re: nvidia again looking for howto

On Mi, 02 iun 10, 15:34:53, Jonas Stein wrote:
> There are many ways to get a nvidia vga device running in debian.
> But wich one is the debian way? 
> I tried different ways, bu i get different errormessages and graphicerrors.
> I want to try an "official" way to install a NV FX 5200 befeore i create bugreports.
> Where can i find the latest howto about the nv installation with 3d support?
> (...and dualhead viewport)

In my experience dual-head doesn't work so good with the 'nv' driver. 
Assuming you run lenny (it is different for squeeze as FX 5200 is not 
supported by newer drivers) and you kernel flavour is -686

- add 'non-free' to sources.list
- update and install the packages nvidia-glx,  
  nvidia-kernel-2.6.26-2-686 nvidia-settings
- edit your xorg.conf to contain

Section "Device"
	Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
	Driver		"nvidia"

- restart X (you should see the nVidia logo)
- use nvidia-settings to setup your screens

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