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Re: businesscard CD as rescue CD Tutorial?

On 01/06/10 02:31, Paul E Condon wrote:
I'm thinking that there is a lot of worry on this list about
booting a squeeze system with grub2. My boot rescue skills
were never very great, but now are really quite rusty. And
my rescus CD dates from 2-3 years ago. I have and use a
businesscard CD for installing Squeeze, and I see a menu
entry on it that purports to provide rescue functions. But...
I'd like to read some tutorial material before I get into
trouble. Suggestions, anyone? What are the likely causes of
failure to boot with grub2? What actions can be taken to
fix things when one boots from a rescue disk? etc.

I have laptops that don't have a CD player.

These days I use 1GB SD cards and a little (cost about GBP 2) USB stick that has an SD slot in the side, so it effectively gives a USB interface to the card. I can boot one or the other (ie the card directly or through the usb converter).

I am not sure of its rescue qualities, I am mainly a Debian Squeeze installer for installation of new systems.

The unetbootin package seems to be the thing to create these USB/SD card systems. [note: this needs the card preformatted with a single (at least) fat32 partition and mounted]. It seems to be able to take any .iso image of a system and create a usb boot environment from it.

Alan Chandler

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