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Re: "Give root password for maintence" during every boot of system

On 2010-05-23 06:08 +0200, Mitchell Laks wrote:

> I run debian sid. Sometime ago my system began to give me the message
> "Give root password for maintainance
> or type Control_D to continue "
> during reboot of the system. It would occur after the boot messages
> starting NFS (... etc)
> ...
> starting sessions
> setting console screen modes
> initilizing random number generation
> setting up X server
> setting up ice socket directory
> then I would get that cryptic root password mesage stuff mentioned above

Please show the contents of /etc/rcS.d.

> Then, 
> if I hit C-d 
> the systen continues to boot
> with 
> some messages about needing to add .conf suffix to some configuration files for kvm or something

These messages come from modprobe and are probably unrelated to your problem.

> then
> INIT: Entering runlevel 2
> starting system log daemon
> etc.
> So what is causing my system to need to enter Control D?

I have no idea, but you may want to try 

# echo "CONCURRENCY=none" >> /etc/default/rcS


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