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Re: How do I fsck and XFS file system in "Squeeze"

On 5/20/2010 6:09 PM, lrhorer wrote:

         OK, I'm stumped.  I was having some problems which were likely related
to the old kernel in Debian "Lenny", so I upgraded to "Squeeze" in
order to alleviate the issue, which it apparently has.  Now, however, I
need to fsck the main array on the box, which is formatted as XFS.  The
xfs-repair utility is not on the upgraded system.  (I was forced to do
a fresh install of the boot drive.)  How can I obtain the XFS file
utilities - particularly xfs-repair - under "Squeeze"?

If xfsprogs is installed, then I think fsck will do it, just first run something like:

tune2fs -C912 /dev/sda3

and reboot, where C is the Capital 'C', 912 is some number larger than the current maximum mount count (before automatically fsck'ing) and substitute your actual device path for the /dev/sda3 I used as an example.

I think xfsprogs has some other tools as well.

Oh wait, I reread your question.

If the machine is in working order, you can just do:

#apt-get install xfsprogs

If not, then a live CD will be needed, something like Knoppix, be sure it has XFS support. Just boot the live CD or DVD, and Bob's your uncle.

I'm unsure, does the Debian squeeze installer fully support XFS?


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