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Re: VLC will lag when reading local videos, whatever the codec

On Fri, 14 May 2010 19:18:50 +0200, Merciadri Luca wrote:

> When watching videos locally, with VLC, it often lags at some parts of
> the videos, and the following kinds of messages are displayed at the
> console:
> ==
> [some time] main video output error: picture [hexadecimal ref.] refcount
> is -1 overflow in spectral RLE, ignoring
> ==
> The [some time] references are often ~40 times separated, i.e. I could
> get
> ==
> [00000010] main video output error: picture [hexadecimal ref.] refcount
> is -1 [00000050] main video output error: picture [hexadecimal ref.]
> refcount is -1 .
> .
> .
> ==

Does this happen if you play the videos with another media player (Totem, 
Xine, MPlayer, etc...)?
> It does not only happen with Матрёшка files (.mkv). (I here test if Gnus
> supports cyrillic out-of-the-box.)

Test for cyrilic characters has been passed successfully :-)
> Is it normal? 


> Does it happen often with videos? 

No, but I guess it would depend on many factors, i.e., good hardware 
(graphic card chipset) is required to avoid video jumps, lags or pauses. 
Also, the transmission method is important. Playing HD video files over 
the network (remotely by Internet or locally by means of samba or NFS) it 
could also affect. Moreover, playing the video files "wirelessly", can 
harden the situation.

> What would it be due to?

Many causes. But if the file plays fine with another player, you can 
blame VLC :-)

> Are they corrupted?

Test with another media player, that will tell.



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