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Re: Aptitude From Testing

On Friday 14 May 2010 14:36:44 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> Does it annoy anyone else that the 'aptitude' package no longer provides an
> 'aptitude' binary?
> Typing 'aptitude-curses' is a little annoying.  I'm assuming the rename is
> because of work on aptitude-gtk and aptitude-qt.  If so, wouldn't using the
> alternatives system for an 'aptitude' symlink make sense?

I think I may have been hit by bug 575137.  I am using btrfs, and there were 
some issues during the install, but I do not believe I have suffered any file 
system corruption in the dpkg databse or the aptitude package.

In particular, (debsums -a aptitude) reports all the files are in good 
condition.  (update-alternatives --display aptitude) shows:
No alternatives for aptitude.

I initially installed on this system, but have since 
upgraded to  Is there a good way for me to establish an alternative 
that will not mess up on the next upgrade?  Or, is this problem supposedly 
fixed in and I should just upgrade now?
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