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Re: Hptalx is buggy once calculator is plugged and linked

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Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:

> Before pressing "Connect" be sure your calculator is setup as described 
> here:
> http://hptalx.sourceforge.net/manual.shtml#AEN171
> Can you see the "Awaiting Server Cmd." message in calculator's
> display?
Pointing this out is a good thing, but I had already tested
this. Actually, since I installed many programs in Spanish, my
calculator is (to my dismay) in Spanish, and I get, by pressing and
holding right shift and by pressing the right arrow, on the

Espero comand.Servidor

It looks like

Awaiting Server Cmd.

and, evidently, doing *another* combination of keys gives me a text with
the Xmodem server.

Thus, what I am doing is right.
>>> 2/ Look at "~/.hptalx" file and check if the previously saved settings
>>> seem right (port connection pointing to /dev/ttyUSB0, and so on...).
>> ==
>> ~$ cat .hptalx
>> <?xml version="1.0"?>
>> <hptalx>
>>  <port>100</port>
>>  <speed>9600</speed>
>>  <deleteconfirm>1</deleteconfirm>
>>  <startconnected>1</startconnected>
>>  <waitconnect>15</waitconnect>
>>  <editor>gedit</editor>
>> </hptalx>
>> ==
>> Strange, really. I compiled it the other day, and the whole process went
>> through without any issue.

> Port "100"? What kind of port nomenclature is that? :-?
I do not know. I also wondered. 

> I would expect "/dev/ttyUSB0" for an USB device or "/dev/ttyS0" for the 
> first rs-232 port...
Me too.

> I think the application is crashing because cannot establish a connection 
> with the device.
Such a (trivial, as habitual) case should have been handled by the
developers, shouldn't it?

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