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Re: no alternatives for firefox/mozilla

On Thursday 06 May 2010 23:20:07 T o n g wrote:

> $ update-alternatives --display firefox
> update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for firefox.
> $ update-alternatives --display mozilla
> update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for mozilla.

  In the alternatives scheme, the browser is "x-www-browser", 
so for example on my system:

> $ update-alternatives --display x-www-browser
> x-www-browser - status is manual.
>  link currently points to /usr/bin/iceweasel
> /usr/bin/konqueror - priority 100
>  slave x-www-browser.1.gz: /usr/share/man/man1/konqueror.1.gz
> /usr/bin/iceweasel - priority 70
>  slave x-www-browser.1.gz: /usr/share/man/man1/iceweasel.1.gz
> /usr/bin/google-chrome - priority 35
> Current `best' version is /usr/bin/konqueror.

  The x-www-browser is respected by K desktop apps, and
in my config, they all now use Iceweasel instead of Konqueror
when I click on links.  I don't know what other apps might
or might not respect the x-www-browser setting, but I would
think any desktop app packaged for Debian should do it.

				-- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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