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Re: Установка Debian на x86_64

2010/5/6 Oleg <lego_12239@rambler.ru>:
> On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 09:37:18AM +0400, Михаил wrote:
>> Здравствуйте.
>  Hi. You can use debian-russian@lists.debian.org for russian speaking
>  mailing list. This list use only english.
>> В организации стоит сервер спроцессором Intel(R) Xeon(TM). ОС: Red Hat Ent. Lic.5 x86_64.
>> Требуется перевести его на Debian.
>> Какой дистрибутив выбирать - x86 или AMD64? Какой из них установится на сервак ?
>> Спасибо.
>  You can use ia64 debian for Xeon 64bit. i386 will work too.
>  [ru]Используйте ia64 для 64 разрядного Xeon'а. Дистрибутив i386 тоже будет
>  работать[/ru]

That's not true. You should use AMD64 (x86_64, EMT64 - it's all the
same) or i386 for your 64-bit Xeon. AMD64 is certainly more preferable
since it can use more memory and newer processor instructions. Please
don't be confused: AMD64 is called that way because AMD was first to
make a 64-bit extension for x86 and Intel added support for it later.
It *does not* work better on amd  processors or something. It is
_absolutely the same_ arch as x86_64 in your Red Hat system, just
called another way.
IA64 arch is for Itanium (2) processors and it WILL NOT WORK at Xeon.

[ru]Лучше использовать AMD64, но i386 тоже будет работать. IA64
работать НЕ будет.[/ru]

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