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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

On Thu, 06 May 2010 03:17:43 -0300, Jorge Gonçalves wrote:

> I would like to suggest you some way so that the users keep on using the
> good old KDE 3.5 when they migrate to the upcoming Lenny.

You mean Squeeze? Because Lenny is already out.
> Maybe use dummy packages, or rename the packages so that KDE 3.5 could
> remain installed, and not be forced to upgrade to Kde4.

Lenny will be still supported for at least one year, so no need to 
upgrade until that.

> I really feel sorry that KDE 3 series is no more being developed, and
> when the day cames that I no longer will be able to use KDE 3, I will
> switch to Apple or even Windows, but NEVER to kde4 or Gnome! (and I feel
> many users out there think like me!!!)

Oh, I already passed for that situation (negation). You cannot avoid the 
future... don't you? So you better accomodate into what you find more 
confortable for you and go on. You have many choices :-)

BTW, I still encounter far more exciting *any* kde4 flavour than anything 
Windows or Apple could provide.



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