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Re: network setup question

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 06:36, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net> wrote:
Not sure if this is the right list, sort of a general linux networking question (pointers to a more appropriate list welcomed)....


- I have two servers in a datacenter, currently used for different things

- I have one gigE cable coming in from one of the datacenter's big routers - that goes into a simple gigE switch - each box is plugged into that switch

- I have two network /27 network blocks that are NOT contiguous - I use one for each box

- as I understand the basic setup, any traffic from one of my boxes to the other (one netblock to the other) end up going to the datacenter's router and back (and the traffic gets accounted for in our bill)

Up to now, I haven't been routing any traffic between boxes, but I'm getting ready to install some cluster software and I expect there to be a lot of inter-box traffic.  So....

I'm now looking for a way to have the inter-box traffic go directly through the gigE switch, and not reach the datacenter's router.  Which leaves me with some questions that are just a bit beyond my general network setup knowledge:

1. Yes, I have a cross-over cable plugged directly between the 2nd ethernet card in each box.  I plan to dedicate that for disk mirroring traffic; but I expect I'll end up with things running on one box that need to talk to the other, that may go through the primary ethernet ports.

2. Is there a way to use ARP and/or set up routing tables so that inter-box traffic simply goes through the bridge?

3. If not, is this something I can do with a simple Linksys switch/router?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Miles Fidelman

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Are you using static IP or using dhcp?  If you are using static, then you could try your local netmask from (/27) to (/24) or so in such a way that it encompasses both networks.   I think this is the simplest to start with.  If this has problem, you could always alter the packet using iptables to send it though your second network connection.

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