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More acroread printing problems

Hello, all.  With the appreciate help from this list, we finally learned
we needed to install Acrobat Reader version 9.3.2 from unstable into our
Lenny systems in order for Acrobat to see our CUPS printers.  However we
are still having problems printing anything other than letter size jobs.
It looks like acroread is creating an lpr command using the -o
PageRegion and setting that option incorrectly.  For example, in one
case we saw -o PageSize=11x17 -p PageRegion=Letter which printed the
11x17 print job on letter sized paper.  On a plotter we saw -o
PageSize=24x36 -p PageRegion=A4 which resulted in the plotter rejecting
the job as an invalid page size.  Bypassing the Acroread print command
by using a Custom printer and sending the job to KPrinter works so this
seems to be a clear bug in how Acrobat is reading the PPD file and
creating the print command.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a workaround? If not,
I suppose I'll need to figure out how one reports bugs for acroread to
Adobe.  Thanks - John

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