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Re: Video Streaming Software

On Tue, May 04, 2010 at 05:06:24PM -0500, Austin Brkich wrote:
> I have been searching and searching for a specific type of software,
> however I can't find anything that is 100% free and doesn't have any
> hitches to it.
> What I am looking for is some software that will allow me to take a
> live video stream from my computer and stream it to multiple clients.
> Kind of like how NullSoft does Audio Streaming, yes I know NullSoft
> does Video also but at the moment to do a live video there is only
> really one program that hasn't been updated in years.
VLC can be used to stream video.  I've used it to send a Family Guy
episode to every computer in my office (at lunch time, of course).  I
think it can handle streaming a capture device, such as a webcam, as


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