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Re: Aptitude ?narrow search


On 05/03/2010 01:28 AM, Daniel Burrows wrote:
To illustrate suppose I want to search for package where a single
version matches  "~A^unstable$",  "A^stable$" and "~i". A search
where we expect no results. Yet:

   Why do you expect no results?  The three examples you posted below
look to me like they ought to be returned by that search.

So I am getting the results because a single installed version belongs to both stable and unstable (what I want), or, because an installed version from stable also has a version from unstable? I am still a little confused about ?narrows.

aptitude search '~S ~A^unstable$ ~S A^stable$ ~i'

Does this do a search for installed versions from stable and then narrows the search to versions from unstable? Or does it do a search for installed versions from stable *implicitly widens the match* and then searches for versions from unstable?


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