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Re: Questions about RAID 6

On Friday 30 April 2010 19:10:52 Mark Allums wrote:
> or even btrfs for the data directories.

While I am beginning experimenting with btrfs, I wouldn't yet use it for data 
you care about.

/boot, not until/if grub2 gets support for it.  Even then, boot is generally 
small and not often used, so you'll probably not notice any performance change 
from ext2 to a more modern file system, but you might appreciate the fact that 
ext2 is mature and well-understood.

/, maybe -- if mkinitramfs figures out how to mount it properly.

/usr, /opt, /var/cache and /var/tmp, maybe.  They are easily discarded or 

/home, /var, not yet.  Data stored there might be irreplaceable.  I'd wait 
until the developers say it is stable, at least!
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