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Re: Mounting DVD. What am I doing wrong?

On 05/02/2010 04:15 AM, Camaleón wrote:
On Sat, 01 May 2010 18:00:58 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:

On 05/01/2010 05:17 PM, Camaleón wrote:

Interesting.  What magic do I chant to make executable those files in
udf partitions, since "exec" in the fstab options doesn't seem to

Does this happen with all DVD/CDs you insert or just only with a few

Apparently only on disks burned on a Toshiba DVR.

There is an open bug report for Ubuntu where the reporter was having a
similar situation:

Users do not have permission to open files in DVDs burnt in a Mac

The media was burnt in a Mac (yours on a PVR) but in both cases the
permissions on the media are wrongly set and impedes the user to access
the files in a usual way.


Read comment #18 (it comes from a Debian user).

Maybe it's worth to make a report in BTS.

There are enough bugs against the kernel already...

Dissent is patriotic, remember?

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