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Re: NVidia MCP61, no sound...

On Sat, 01 May 2010 13:13:54 +0200, Andrea Giuliano wrote:


> Could it be that all external jacks are disconnected at all due to some
> mistakes during the assembly of the whole box? Clearly front connector
> must be connected manually, but I really don't think that the rear ones
> must be enabled with jumpers or such.

Front connector has to be manually plugged, yes. But embedded sound 
chipset has also to be enabled in the BIOS in order to work (which is the 
default) and as you already tested, it is detected by the system, so I 
don't think this is the problem here.

I would go for a software problem configuration as d.sastre.medina 
already pointed out (sound levels muted -or very low-, or sound card 
model wrongly recognized by alsa and so the number and position of the 

Anyway, you can always load any LiveCD to check if sound is workimg from 
there, to discard any harwdare issue.



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