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Re: DVD Paranoia?

On 4/30/2010 9:20 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:
Is there such a DVD app analogous to cdparanoia?  Or is it not possible
due to the differing data, WAV vs. MPEG?

The issue is that I'm trying to read some 2-3 year old "movie" DVD-Rs
and they're all at some point failing.

I thought cdparanoia was DVDparanoia. I mean, for DVDs as well. Shows you what I know...

Audio CDs cannot be guaranteed 100% faithfully copied, for annoying reasons. Which is why ripping them used to be fraught with danger. And why some CDs would ruin your speakers.[0] DVDs are just (encrypted) video files. So, yeah, that's the reason. Not that it's not possible, but that it's not necessary.


0. The Avatar DVDs are DRMed-up, too. I don't know how this works for DVDs, but they won't play in Blu-Ray players, and not even in all DVD players. Worse than pointless. Actually evil...

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