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Re: gforce 9400

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
steef wrote:
hi folk,

got myself a asusrock standard atx mobo with a gforce 9400 (nvidia) in a pci-express slot. i have to use the 195 4driver from *their* site. the standard lenny driver for nvidia does not support this hardware. (or am i wrong??)

well: everything works fine except for ane thing: sometimes, quite unexspected, my screen freezes completely; a nuisance.

somebody with maybe the same experience and a solution for this driver problem?

Hi Steef,

I just got through with a frozen screen, etc. problem.

The solution was upgrading X to the latest level and installing Nvidia's latest upstream driver:

You have a link for your mobo?

PS I always use Nvidia's upstream drivers.


I bet you mean 'asrock' instead of 'asusrock'


yes of course hugo!

somewhat sleepy and a jetlag,


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