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Re: Good Use for ClamAV

2010/4/7 Jari Fredriksson <jarif@iki.fi>
On 7.4.2010 10:51, Freeman wrote:
> I'll always be slowly catching up on comp tech.
> I was using Knoppix and ClamAV to remove a virus for a friend when the
> futility of it all hit me.  The free anti-virus hopscotch game that windows
> users play to feel safe.  What wasted energy--over an OS I boot into maybe
> 7% of the time.  They screw up half the time.
> There isn't a big demand for ClamAV on the Debian partitions of a
> laptop/desktop.  But I'll be scheduling scans of the XP partition from
> Debian.  Doh!
> There is even a ClamAV *win32* for the unlucky.

I don't scan my disk partitions with it, but all incoming as well as
outgoing email is scanned with ClamAV (by amavisd-new). ClamAV with some
3rd party signatures (SaneSecurity) works quite well in that. Not
because it detects good, but clamav_daemon is the only daemonized FREE
anti-virus for Linux.

And my Linux is a server for my Windows workstation. Without Windows, I
would not bother scanning viruses.


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Windows has (recently?) released Security Essentials which is surprisingly good for a free AV. Coulb be worth looking into it. The win version of ClamAV is, AFAIK, sadly outdated.

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