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Missing option in manual page for getconf


I was toying around with getconf and was looking for options to print
all configuration values. I've found there is a -a option for that. You
can find about it by running getconf with no arguments:

razvan@valhalla:~$ getconf
Usage: getconf [-v specification] variable_name [pathname]
       getconf -a [pathname]

However, the option is not printed when using the --help option:
razvan@valhalla:~$ getconf --help
Usage: getconf [-v SPEC] VAR
  or:  getconf [-v SPEC] PATH_VAR PATH

Get the configuration value for variable VAR, or for variable PATH_VAR
for path PATH.  If SPEC is given, give values for compilation
environment SPEC.

For bug reporting instructions, please see:

Moreover, there is no documentation in the manual page about the -a
option. Should this be corrected? Should I submit a feature request/bug
report on this issue?


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