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Re: horrible mc colorscheme

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote the following on 05.04.2010 21:29

> Hi,
> I just made the mistake of my life and upgraded mc from 
> 2:4.6.2~git20080311-4 to 3:
> And the new color scheme is enough to cause instant blindness :-(
> No kidding!
> How do I get back to what I had?
> Anybody?
> Hugo

I did not know the colortheme did change, at least it's not reported in the
But anyway you can change every color inside mc like:
$ man mc | less -p '\[Colors\]'


bye Thilo

721B 1BA0 095C 1ABA 3FC6  7C18 89A4 A2A0 C70B 1A8F

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