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Re: Umont ownership?

On Mon, 5 Apr 2010 12:11:53 -0400 (EDT), jeremy jozwik wrote:
> hello list, after a recent system drive migration ive noticed that the
> right click unmont in lenny 5.0.2 no longer cleanly unmounts.
> i get a dialog box saying cannot unmont blah blah...  the drives are
> not being accessed at the time.
> since umount is not a package that i can reinstall [as far as i know]
> im wondering if my main user account does not have permissions to run
> umont?
> im just guessing here so i changed chmod to all users write read whathave you.
> that seemed, at first, to fix the problem. but it is back now.
> ownership of umount is root now. im wondering if that is the correct setting.

I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about.  I am familiar with the
mount and umount commands issued at a shell prompt, but this "right click"
business I don't understand.  Are you talking about some icon on the desktop,
such as GNOME or KDE?  Also, either you are a bad speller/typist or you are talking
about three different things.  You mentioned "unmont", "umount", and "umont".
And what do you you mean you issued chmod?  What do file permissions
have to do with mounting or unmounting a file system?  You didn't change the
file permissions of the mount or umount commands themselves, did you?
That shouldn't be necessary.  Please try again to state your problem as
clearly as possible.  I have some ideas that may help you, but I don't want
to take a shot in the dark.  I need to understand exactly what the problem is.

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