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Re: virtualbox error log

On Sun, 04 Apr 2010 18:21:32 +0000, Neo Anderson wrote:

> Previously I successfully installed and launched virtualbox-ose.
> However, after installing a guest GNU/ Linux and building a customized
> kernel ( The virtualbox box crashed and no longer able to be
> executed successfully. The log shows


> 03:56:25.855 Console: VM
> runtime error: fatal=true , errorID=PAEmode message="The guest is trying
> to switch to the PAE mode which is currently disabled by default in
> VirtualBox. PAE support can be enabled using the VM settings
> (General/Advanced)"
> I try to remove virtualbox-ose and reinstall it, but doesn't work. Is
> there any alternative way so that I can go to setting as suggested by
> log?

This may sound a bit obvious but, have you tried to follow the suggestion 
made by VB and enable the PAE flag in the VM setup?



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