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Re: No updates seen in a while

On Fri, Apr 02, 2010 at 11:40:51PM +0200, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:


> We know, first three responses to the OP were links to the announcement.
> Yet then people wondered why there was no message sent to the user-list,
> as users also depend on that server. Gradually, this continued to
> wondering when the server will come online again.

I find it not just a little ironic, although I am not complaining.

There is a current thread on debian-project@lists.debian.org that makes
clear 1.) how news delivery is stretched beyond capacity, in part by under
staffing, and 2.) how they are trying in a many-headed way to fix it.

Nevertheless, they did get the aforementioned notices posted.

Continuing the irony is another debian-project thread wrestling with the
issue of getting peripheral work done when it means additional commitments to
large blocks of time by already overworked volunteers.

Subscribing some low-level lists seems the least I can do, short of join the
effort .  .  .  It is a matter of checking boxes on a single page.  

My low-level list box, which procmail separates from high interest lists,
actually becomes an interesting list itself.  And I am informed without
placing demands on the organization that is, after all, GIVING me maybe the
most powerful operating system in the world and, probably, a life-long

The numerous lists allow me to shop for exactly the topics that will
comprise this, like a soup recipe.  Mutt even maintains the thread when a
subject jumps lists, e.g.  from debian-devel-announce to debian-project.

Kind Regards,


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