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Re: Bluetooth keyboard trouble

On Fri, 2 Apr 2010 03:01:30 -0400 (EDT), martin wrote:
> I try booting 2.6.26 five times and there work keyboard without problem. In 
> 2.6.32-trunk it only works if I tap enter key some times around "Start INIT 
> 2.85" (or at least until the computer has been left alone for an hour or so). 
> I did a module compare, in 2.6.32 there are some extra modules that can be 
> releated: bluetooth, btusb and hid_logitech.
> When was the last kernel upgrade? (the system is currently up-to-date)

I'm not sure of the exact date, but the previous kernel was 2.6.32-trunk
and you were having problems with it too.  But if 2.6.26 works fine, then
the problem is almost certainly a kernel problem.  I'd search the bug
reports for linux-2.6, and if you can't find one that seems to describe
your problem, I recommend that you report a bug against the kernel.

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