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Re: No updates seen in a while

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 10:13:33AM -0500, John Hasler uttered:
> "S.D.A." writes:
> > Precisely, far too many lists on Debian and they could use some
> > consolidation. My view is if an issue affects users of Debian; then it
> > should be posted to the 'user' lists.
> Many "users" cannot tolerate the high volume of debian-user but need to
> see announcements.  These people subscribe only to the low-volume
> "announce" lists.  On the other hand it is hard to see why those who can
> tolerate the high volume here cannot also subscribe the the low-volume
> "announce" lists.

Hi John; Yes good point -- But with an efficient e-mail client like
mutt it's trivial to wade through a high volume list, in my opinion. ;-D
BTW this list isn't that high volume compared to some social media.

Still, I think my point about USERs being impacted still stands; The
announcement should go to the USERs list as well! Too much specificity
gives the results seen here; most missed the announcement.

But if one needs to sign up for yet another list than so be it. <sigh>

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