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Re: Why can't I reinstall locales? [SOLVED]

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 12:18:24 -0700, Ernie Dunbar wrote:
> For future reference, the solution to this problem is to manually download
> the .deb file from the Debian website, then force the install like this:
> dpkg -i --force-depends locales_2.7-18lenny2_all.deb
> This works without issue because the package dependency 'glibc-2.7-1' is a
> dummy package, and the real package that locales really requires is
> already installed, but the installer doesn't know this.
> This issue may also exist because of a system that was upgraded (this
> system used to run Etch) or one that is in limbo between Testing and
> Stable (which may be the case here, but I can't recall).

For future reference:

1) You reduce the likelihood of someone bothering to help you if you
   keep violating basic email etiquette by repeated top-posting and by
   snipping attributions.

2) glibc-2.7-1 is not a dummy package, but rather a virtual package that
   is provided by package libc6, version 2.7-18lenny2, on a properly
   installed and updated Lenny system. If a dependency on glibc-2.7-1
   cannot be satisfied on your computer, or if your package manager is
   mistaken about your installed version of libc6, then you may have a
   serious unsolved problem lurking somewhere.

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          Florian   |

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