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Re: NIC issue or other?

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
briand@aracnet.com put forth on 3/31/2010 10:06 PM:
On Wed, 31 Mar 2010 21:45:37 -0500
Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> wrote:

Got this error message stream on a server today.  Never seen this
before. Does this mean my NIC is going south?  Or is something else
going on?  I tried manualy bringing the NIC back up but ifdown/up
didn't fix the problem. Had to reboot the server to fix it.  eth0
seems to be working fine now.
can't comment on the problem, however, if the driver is a module you
might want to try unloading and reloading the module.  that might reset
the card and wouldn't need to reboot.

The driver is built into the kernel.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

My 2 cents : it's a software problem aka kernel bug which should be reported.

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