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Re: Wireless on BCM4315 with 2.6.32

Anthony Campbell wrote:
On 28 Mar 2010, godo wrote:
Anthony Campbell wrote:
I am using Sid on a Thinkpad Z61M. I have wireless working with kernel
2.6.31, where I think I compiled the relevant module using

I tried to use kernel 2.6.32 and installed b43-fwcutter but it doesn't
seem to do anything - no driver fetched or installed. Possibly this is
due to #561450, apparently unfixed.

Has anyone got wireless working with this set-up?


I don't have any luck with wireless on Ideapad S10e b43 (Sid
2.6.32-3-688 and some previous ker. version's) for a long time.

I don't think it's kernel or b43 problem. I can connect if I don't
have any encryption at all and if ssid is broadcasted.

I was try with knetworkmanager (can't remember password and connect)
and wicd (error: bad password).
I supose it is wpasupliciant error?

Same thing on one other HP laptop with broadcom wifi and Squeeze.

I don't have any encryption so it isn't that. I'm not broadcasting
ssid so I could try turning that on.

Actually, I had a memory lapse: this is in fact an HP laptop with the
above wireless set-up.


Did you maybe try this: http://wiki.debian.org/wl
For me it works in the way that wifi card is live but how i said I cannot connect to anything that have any encryption.

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