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Re: Kiosk - binary image

On 2010-03-25 17:31, فـــــريـــــــد الغـــــــامــــــدي wrote:


I am working on a project. it is building an ISO image. this ISO should have some configurations. Simply, the ISO will boot and directly the Iceweasel appear and the user just surf the web pages.

Excellent.  Good luck.

I am using Xserver-Xorg. I have done everything and the ISO boot and the Iceweasel start automatically

My problem is that Iceweasel cannot find the server at www............any web link. I do not know why. I try to install some network packages to solve this problem but I fail. I hope someone help me or give me some ideas please please please. I have attached my binary image packages HTML FILE.

How does the system know it's IP address, gateway, etc?

It might (nay, *will*) be helpful to add openssh-server and any other useful packages to the system, so that you can ssh into the box and run tools like ifconfig, dmesg, "tail /var/log/syslog", etc.

Then remove them when all is working well.

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