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Re: Overwrite existing partition with zeros without hurting partition table? (Debian Lenny)

On 03/06/2010 01:09 AM, Mark wrote:
I hope there is a simple answer to this question (fingers crossed): how do I overwrite an existing partition (hda2 for example) with all zeros (essentially blanking the partition clean in preparation for installing Lenny), without destroying the partition table? I've used the shred command to wipe partitions before, but it messes up the partition table along with it. The purpose is that I have a 200gb hard drive with music/pics/etc. on a separate partition from the OS that I will mount via fstab upon boot. I've searched around and the dd command can probably do it but haven't gotten the command line to do it. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
Something like dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda2 bs=4096

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