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Re: Minimum size for /home?

On Thu,04.Mar.10, 13:54:30, postid wrote:
> On the other hand, I could just let /home be a part of / for each
> distro (as below) and back up the dot files regularly.
> hda1 -------- WinXP
> hda2 -------- / for first distro
> hda3 -------- / for second distro
> hda4 -------- extended
>   hda5 -------- shared data partition
>   hda6 -------- swap

Although I usually suggest having a separate /home it doesn't make much 
sense in your case. Just be careful to store anything that can get big 
on the data partition, including your mail store (if you are using 
offline mail readers).

In my experience, the big stuff you usually want to have accessible from 
both distros anyway ;)

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